Outsurcing & Offshoring

Proficiency in Management consulting and outsourcing in IT industry.

We help organizations to improve their performance, by analyzing existing organizational problems and subsequently development of plans for improvements. The prime value additions for you are gaining external advice and using our specialized expertise. Our broad experience in international IT industry means extensive know-how and an added advantage for you.

Mastrait avails industry standard certification in the areas of Business Administration, Information Technology, Programme Management, Project Management, ITIL and Banking.

Our consultants can offer assistance in various areas such as, change management, organizational development, coaching, process analysis, technology implementation, strategy development and operational improvement.

A number of years of know-how and experience in outsourcing IT services to India. International experience and cross cultural understanding is our key to success. We advise and support companies on various aspects of outsourcing. Our experience includes: building an oursourcing operation from scratch including business plan, RFI/RFP, supplier selection, and setting up the operation; offshore unit management; outsourcing of software development projects, coaching and preparing the counterparts for Dutch work ethics and culture, manage communication and cultural diversity.

On the contrary, Mastrait is capable of helping Indian companies to set up their operations, business development activities and joint ventures in Europe.

Mastrait has skills and knowledge of customization and implementation of ERP software packages. We have assisted companies in improving time-to-market and reducing pressure on standard development by providing bespoke services to their customers. We defined and implemented processes to eventually merge customizations in their future standard releases. Our expertise dwells in choosing the software, acquiring the necessary hardware, performing the configuration and customization, and implementing it.

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