Analyzing BU strategy and proposal for change

A Dutch IT services organization providing Infrastructure, Networking and Software related services. The company has a central Information Systems department.


The central IS department is facing lot of challenges due to lack of standardization. The factors, such as variety of systems applications, equipment, and personnel are attributing to enormous costs and lack of synergy. Users are unhappy and finding IS department’s attitude very arrogant. The IS department is demotivated, moral is at its lowest and it is facing heavy turn-over of personnel. A request to play a management role.


With the help of HR and by arranging individual IS employee meetings training plans were prepared. Team Building interventions were used to enhance the effectiveness of the IS department. Inter-group activities intervention was exercised at regular interval to promote cooperation between the unsatisfied Business Units and the IS department.


The team work and team feeling in the department increased. The issues and problems were tackled by listening to users and with the help of department managers. The IS department became more service oriented and effective. Personnel attrition reduced. The department’s responsiveness to the users improved and the users’ satisfaction index started growing.