High yield, greater productivity and increased revenues.

A global software product development company forced to reorganize itself by shifting the focus from product orientation to services based strategy. A strategic decision is taken to set up a new department that will pay attention to the functional needs of top 20 strategic customers.


To set up a new business unit. Implement the change from traditional work attitude to agile consulting/service orientation. Generate extra service related revenue. A request to play the management role with responsibility to provide quick solution to these customers by customized development, to include important customer specific development in to the standard product and generate services revenues.


Prepared a strategic business plan and presented it to the management team. The proposal was accepted to start up the new business unit. The change was implemented by introducing the new concept of High Performance Teams, a different way of working. The employees were trained and coached for high performance teams.


The unit grew from 1 to 85 resources in the span of three years. The team focused on customization, consulting and implementation services to the top 20 strategic customers of the company. The business unit generated above target revenues of $10 million in the third year of its operation. Pressure from these top customers on standard software releases was reduced. Developed customisations were eventually ported in the standard software releases.