Team building, coaching and motivating

An organization providing health care related services and ICT services to first line health care institutions such as, doctors’ posts, general practitioners, midwives and pathology clinics. The infrastructure and application helpdesk and support department consists of 15 employees. The internal organization is unhappy with the systems performance. Rising complaints are putting enormous pressure on support resources.


IT manager of Infrastructure and Application Support department. The rapid growth in IT activities due to new customers the situation is chaotic. Immediate challenges to be confronted are demand for 24×7 support, high work pressure, hectic work environment, low motivation and ad-hoc, unstructured working. The team frustration is high and customer satisfaction is at its lowest.


After individual and team discussions a new strategy and operational plan was defined. The objectives were clearly defined. The processes such as, requirements management and ITIL were implemented. Distinction was made between routine support activities and new project activities. This provided clarity to the users as well as the team. Regular meetings with user groups, resource planning, periodic progress control and reporting were implemented.


Clarity in deliverables was well accepted by the complete organization. Prioritizing activities and regular contacts with customer groups regulated expectation management process. At the end all this introduced structured working, increased motivation and improved customer satisfaction.