Renewing the obsolete infrastructure and improving the performance

An organization providing health care related services and ICT services to first line health care institutions such as, doctors’ posts, general practitioners, midwives and pathology clinics. The internal organization is unhappy with the systems performance. Rising complaints are putting enormous pressure on support resources.


Project Manager: Evaluate the situation and execute project to improve the performance and to increase the user satisfaction.


The analysis and evaluation of existing infrastructure concluded that the server park and equipment in the data center are obsolete (more than 5 years old). A proposal was prepared to improve the situation by replacing the obsolete servers, network components, old workstations and by upgrading the software. Subsequently project plan was prepared and stakeholder expectation management was put in place. Base line performance indicators were defined and the measurements were taken against them before and after the project. User training for new office environments were organized for the users.


A renewed data center with upgraded software improved the performance and customer satisfaction. Use of latest office software improved acceptance and efficiency of the users.