ZSP and GZN Certification

A company provides Community Cloud services to Healthcare and Finance branch. Its customers insist on Information and Infrastructure security so that the data is transported and exchanged using secured and managed environment. The company assures 24×7 support to its customers using ITIL processes.


Information and Infrastructure security compliance РThe company wants to certify itself for GZN (Goedbeheerd ZorgNetwerk) and recertify for ZSP (Zorg Service Provider). Both the certifications are based on NEN7510 and ISO27001.


Provided consulting and project management capabilities to set up, fine-tune and document 24×7 support services based on ITIL methods. The activities involved guaranteeing secured network connection and data transport to LSP (Landelijk schakelpunt) that assures fast and confidential data transport of medical information. Assessed the processes and its working. Together with an authorized Audit institute carried out certification audit.


The project was delivered within budget, on-time and as per agreed quality. This resulted in successful and smooth assessment audit with 100% score. The company received ZSP and GZN certification for the next three years.