Guaranteeing operational viability

A global software product development company with its own development location in India. The company is taken over and a new management has come in place.


There are regular work conflicts between the new management and the existing management in India. Both sidesĀ  are blaming each other pointing to cultural differences and communication issues. The top management is contemplating to close down the offshore operation. A request to play the management role and resolve the conflict.


The organization in the Netherlands was in change phase, but the team in India was slow in adapting. Team Building interventions were used between the team managers in India to enhance the effectiveness. Periodic visits of team members from one location to the other were planned and subsequently regular video conferences were scheduled. Inter-group activities intervention was exercised between the team managers from both ends.


The inter-group activities intervention promoted cooperation between the two locations. Virtual teams started delivering and the operation continued for years thereafter.