A cultural event organization.

An NGO organization, set up by enthusiastic people to cater for cultural upbringing and development of an Indian language speaking community scattered over in Europe.


The organizers aim for around 500 attendees to break-even for the three days’ residential event. A three-days event organization activities consisting of getting sponsors, venue selection, cultural programs, inviting well known celebrities. A request to work as a chairperson and the programme manager.


Attracting volunteers to organize the event. Prepare action plan to avoid the risk. Frequent brain-storming sessions, Project Reviews, defining milestones, updating business case and heavy marketing campaigns to meet the delivery targets. Using network to get sponsorship and delegates for the event.


In total 450-500 participants attending the three events and appreciating the cultural event. All the three events (1998, 2006 & 2016) were enormous success. The European Marathi community has been hosting the event since 1998 every alternate year in different parts of Europe. After the 1998 success, the Dutch Marathi community was awarded to host the event again in 2006 and in 2016.