Measures against cyber criminality.

A Dutch financial institution offering banking and insurance services with its varied ICT environments. The switch from traditional banking to internet banking is changing security requirements in financial industry. The branch locations and physical security is being replaced by IT infrastructure, applicatins and information security.


Programme Manager: VIB (Veilig Internet Bankieren) a compliance programme to safeguard customer wealth and information that should increase their confidence in the country’s financial institutions.

Stakeholders: Director Financial Risk and Security, Director Information Security, DNB, Employees, and Dutch banking industry.


Implement approach, techniques, processes and procedures to fight against financial frauds and cyber criminals. Selection of fraud detection application Norkom using RFI/RFP process. Implementation of Norkom system for transaction monitoring and fraud detection. Define, develop and implement tools using SCRUM to detect information security breach, financial fraud and cyber-attacks. Develop and implement various measures to tackle and prevent these incidents.


Reduction of cyber criminality incidents resulting in decrease in financial claims and image damage.