Professionalizing testing activities of bank’s various supply chains.

A Dutch financial institution offering banking and insurance services with its varied ICT environments having back-office, mid-office and front-office systems each with own periodic release cycles. Testing of a functional change in any of the software systems is an enormous challenge.


Programme Manager: Test Competence Center to professionalize the test activities of the banking supply chains such as, retail banking, direct banking, mortgages etc. With high quality requirements of banking software main objective is to evaluate, fine-tune and improve asynchronous release cycles, version control and time-to-market.

Stakeholders: ICT department managers, Director Marketing and Director Support.


Set up test competence centre. Revise and improve release management policies, processes and procedures. Implement periodic release cycles for the core banking systems, middleware applications and front-end environments. Install, implement and deliver integral test environments (TAP, pre-production and Quick-fix) for the agreed bank supply chain systems.


A well tested quality IT systems were delivered to the organization. The customer complaints reduced. Marketing department could announce and sell new functionalities ahead of the competition.