Mastrait is experienced in executing organizational Strategic Management using Strategic Business Analysis and carrying out SWOT analysis, In the run it guides the management in formulating the Strategic Business Plans.

The process we follow for strategic management involves the four basic elements

  • Environmental scanning,
  • Strategy Formulation,
  • Strategy Implementation, and
  • Evaluation and Control.

The most important factors to the organization’s future are strategic factors, S.W.O.T. We identify these strategic factors. Together with the management we evaluate their interaction and determine the appropriateness of the corporate mission. The first step is a statement of mission, which leads to a determination of corporate objectives, strategies, and policies. The organizations implement these strategies and policies through programs, budgets, and procedures.

We help the management in carrying out SWOT analysis, assist in determining organizations objectives, strategies and policies, and subsequently implementing them through programmes, budgets, and procedures.

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